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I was born in New Jersey to a psychedelic and mystical world that I am fortunate enough to see. I am a poet, an artist, a dancer, and a friend. I give you these images as an ode to the ether. Let's journey into the darkness and anxiety so that we may find truth, however rotten. Eat the apple.


"To light a candle is to cast a shadow. "

Ursula K. Le Guin


Qxt's Art Series : Qxt's Nightclub Newark, NJ

Wunderkammer - November 2014

Synesthesia: Chaos of the Senses - May 2015

Phantasm - November 2015

Village West Gallery: Jersey City, NJ

Breads and Circuses Art Show - March 2015

P & B Art Show - New York, NY

M1-5 Lounge Group Show - April 2015

Space Ibiza Group Show - November 2015

The Raven Gallery - Jersey City, NJ

Quoth the Raven Group Show - September 2017


The Dreamcatcher Repertory Theater - Summit, NJ

The Enduring Spirit Art Show

Sep 14, 2017- Dec 3, 2017

Commissions upon request.

To all things unknown and waiting.

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